Shrutin Shetty

Innovation & Design Strategy

Can we make a better world with Design Thinking, Strategy & Behaviour?

India needs more innovative businesses to create a better tomorrow.

As a business leader or manager, you surely have at least one bold goal you are chasing right now.
It might seem impossible, but you are sure of the benefits it could bring - for customers, employees, and for business growth.

If you are building such a purpose-driven business, let me help.

I'm Shrutin Shetty, and this platform is part of a bigger plan to provide leaders and teams at Startups and at Small & Medium companies the occasional innovation nudge they need, in a way that is easily accessible to them.

Interactions will involve short calls (video conferencing or regular phone calls) whenever you need. And we can discuss your product or service innovation challenges, a new product or service feature, customer experience challenges, or even try make sense of customer feedback.

I will bring some diverse experience, and my 'blend of strategy, design thinking and behaviour principles' to your challenge by way of inputs and perspectives your team could then build on.

Whatever it takes, to make your bold business goal a reality. Let's make it happen!

Design Strategy Case: Improving patient experience at a leading Asian cancer hospital

Note: This was not a 'consult-on-call' but a design strategy consulting project. However, it shows my blend of 'design thinking, strategy & behaviour' in action.

Shrutin Shetty
Innovation & Design Strategy