Hi! I'm Shrutin Shetty, a design thinker and strategy consultant, and I work with purpose-driven companies in India and abroad, helping them in areas of innovation and growth strategy.

I believe in businesses that are being built to go the distance.

In businesses created to retain customers in the long run, with innovative products or services that delight.

I believe that if businesses have their strategy, processes and great service in place, competition simply disappears.

If you are building such a purpose-driven business, let me help you grow it better.

By way of this initiative, I intend to help young businesses overcome their innovation and growth hurdles by way of quick calls where I will discuss their innovation, growth or customer experience challenges, and use my blend of 'design thinking, strategy and behaviour principles' that I have been refining over the years, to help them understand their customer needs better, create more relevant products and services, and grow.

This initiative is part of a larger objective to build a growing ecosystem to make the world better. That part is still on the drawing board. I'll share updates from time to time.

I bring over 14 years of experience across sectors and specializations. From trying to improve diner experience at a restaurant during school holidays, to understanding what customer delight is during graveyard shifts at a BPO; learning at a venture capital firm how businesses can grow by sharpening their focus on their customers' needs and expectations, and when heading western India ops at a high-tech manufacturing company in the industrial robotics, metrology and ERP solutions sectors, learning how employee teams working with a sharp focus on customers can achieve customer delight, personal goals and business growth.

Since 2012, with a team of external consultants, I have been working with young, driven companies on innovation and growth, with the privilege of having served clients in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi & North America till date.

From time to time, I am a visiting faculty (for Strategic Design Management, Design Thinking and Business Models) at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. I've authored 'Design the Future', and for most years between 2014 and now, have served as Examiner for Innovation and Improvement projects for the prestigious annual QualTech Prize.

Over the years, I've been refining my own blend of management strategy, design thinking and behaviour principles to help leaders and teams understand unexpressed needs of their customers, and to then innovate and conceptualize products, services and experiences that delight.

I offer individual consult sessions for corporate managers, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs; and team consult sessions for young business teams and startup teams.

My work is built on foundations of Unbiased Opinions, Effectiveness, Accountability, Transparency, Simplicity & Strong Business Ethics.

I blog at shrutinshetty.com

Email: shrutin [at] ateamstrategy [dot] in

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