Shrutin Shetty

Innovation & Design Strategy

Can we make a better world with Design Thinking, Strategy & Behaviour?

The world in general and India in particular, need more innovative businesses to create a better tomorrow.

If you are a business leader, manager or entrepreneur, you surely chasing at least one bold business goal right now.

A goal that seems impossible to achieve; but you are certain of the great impact it would have - on customers, on employees, and on business growth.

I believe in businesses that are being built to go the distance.

In businesses created to retain customers in the long run, with innovative products or services that delight.

I believe that if businesses have their strategy, processes and great service in place, competition simply disappears.

If you are building such a purpose-driven business, let me help you grow it better.

My name's Shrutin Shetty, and this platform here is my part in trying to provide leaders and teams at Startups and at Small & Medium companies the occasional innovation nudge they need. It is also to make increasingly relevant services accessible to all the dreamers and doers out there.

These innovation nudges will happen over short calls whenever you leaders deem necessary. We can discuss your team's product or service innovation processes or challenges, discuss a new product or service feature, customer experience challenges, or even try to make sense of customer feedback findings.

I will bring my mixed-bag experience (working at a restaurant, at a BPO, at a venture capital firm, heading western India ops for an industrial robotics company, and consulting young businesses in India and abroad on innovation and growth), and my 'blend of strategy, design thinking and behaviour principles' to the challenge by way of inputs and perspectives your team could use and build on.

And if at any point, if you need more assistance, I can get more involved on specific innovation or business challenge projects your team is working on.

Whatever it takes, to make your bold business goal a reality. Let's make it happen!

Shrutin Shetty
Innovation & Design Strategy